AQMetrics provides a unified view of risk and regulatory compliance through their advanced SaaS cloud-based platform.

The brief was to create a digital experience that conveys an air of confidence an purpose. With very little use of images, the visuals had to be sharp within a minimalist framework. 


Website, branding






I created a 3d version of the arrow used in the brand identity to add visual strength to the opening statement.

Typography and subtly animated brand assets add additional dynamism and impact.

The use of the animated logo watermark created the opportunity to bring some movement to static panels of the website, without the need for images or footage.

AQMetrics uses a Golden source of data, meaning that all the data is located in one single source. The green circle in the logo represents it and so, all the animation and arrows on the website are moving towards it, including page transitions.

Web & Mobile

It was important for the mobile experience to retain the design on desktop which gives the website its personality. Making sure that the mobile experience is both visual and user-friendly maximise impact and engagement.

It was important for the website design to be unique and engaging, but also to have a consistency that can be seen throughout all the pages of the site. 

Using the deep blue from AQ Metrics's colour palette as a bold background for the content ensures a confident brand image.

Testing usability

When testing new websites I use Invision. By creating a workable mock-up using just static images, possible issues can be spotted early on in the design phase and importantly before work has gone onto the coding stage.

Frontend brief

When writing the frontend brief I communicate with the developer what functionality I want on the website. Hover states, transitions, movement and different effects I believe would be important for the user’s experience of the website.

Testing frontend

Test all website pages on various devices and communicate any issues with the functionality or design to the developer. Having a knowledge of HTML & CSS
is valuable when speaking to the developers or for making changes the code myself.

Backend brief

Attention to detail and careful consideration is vital when writing the backend brief for the best user experience of the website. Having a sitemap done is vital to be able to check what data feeds to each page. 

I have knowledge of MODX and Wordpress content management system.

Testing backend

When testing the Backend Integration I go through all the website pages, testing the CMS is working correctly and exactly how it was explained in the backend brief. I communicate any issues I find to the backend developer.

CMS Training

When the website is completed and working correctly I have a one to one CMS training session with the client. Here I give a run-through on how the personalised CMS works and go through any queries the client may have